WORKSHOP - IKIGAI "Find your purpose" Wednesday 22nd May

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"Find your purpose" Wednesday 22nd May 7pm-9pm

Inspired by Japanese culture, this is the SECOND of a series of 6 workshops, each of them Japanese themed where you will be exploring what resilience is and how can we boost it to live a more productive and balanced life.

Join us at The Voewood on Wednesday the 22nd of May, 7-9pm, where Assunta Cucca, founder of Kokoro Consultancy, will be taking you through a journey on Building resilience by nurturing your Kokoro (a Japanese word that means feelings, mindset, emotions.)

In this second workshop, titled Ikigai (a Japanese word that means purpose/reason to live) you will

  • Learn how having purpose keeps us resilient
  • Discover our values
  • Discover what motivates us
  • Learn to overcome limiting beliefs to live more purposely
  • Discover and practice mindfulness

Kokoro resilience program is a transformational journey: a mix of lectures, coaching exercises, mindfulness practice and visualisations, where in the end you will feel more energised, self-aware and able to manage stress in a more positive way.

You can book a place for each stand-alone workshop or book the entire 6 weeks program (check the main workshop page) enjoying a 10% discount and 1h free follow up coaching session. Places are limited to 10 people. We look forward to meeting you!

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About Assunta Cucca

Assunta is a transformational coach specialised in resilience and employee engagement and runs a coaching practice called Kokoro Consultancy (

 Inspired by her passion for Japanese culture, Assunta wants to create a space where people are able to nurture their mindsets and feelings (their kokoro), developing the resilience and self-awareness they need to become more positive and productive in life and at work.

Before setting up Kokoro Consultancy, Assunta enjoyed a varied international 15 years career, spanning from journalism, competitive sports, a spell of teaching, to human rights in not for profit, PR, and senior roles in internal comms and employee engagement.