White Cotton/Lycra Leggings by British Brand Capri at The Voewood The Voewood - The Voewood

White Cotton/Lycra Leggings by British Brand Capri at The Voewood

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Simple, soft stretch leggings by British brand Capri.

Capri's clothes are flattering, fun and quirky with fluid styling and casual elegance. We specialise in natural fabrics and use innovative, textured fabrics along side our signature, striking prints all at competitive prices. We inspire to create a look not available on the high street for real women of all ages from size 10-22. 

We have created beautiful clothes that we want to wear and be seen in; that are fashionable, stylish, fun and affordable...clothes designed to fall in love with..

Capri Size Guide:

Capri clothing is soft and generous on sizing. For an approximate guide please see below but do feel free to call us for advice or measurements on individual items.

About Capri

The team behind Capri love to travel. It has been our dream to create a collection influenced by our love of Europe, the culture, the arts and our favourite cities and towns of Italy, France and Spain. Our inspiration comes from the cafe culture, watching the stylish women of France and Italy promenade, whilst enjoying a cup of espresso and soaking up the atmosphere. Or by visiting the art galleries from the famous Musee D`Orsay in Paris to the little galleries that you stumble across in the back streets of Barcelona,Florence, Venice and Aix-en-Provence. 
That is what Capri is about.. inspired by pictures and places that we have fallen in love with, full of style, sophistication and culture.

- Environment and Fair Trade

Capri is committed to and constantly reviewing its fair trade policies and protection of the environment. 
-No children under the age of 16 are employed at any of our factories. This is ensured by regular site visits.
-We ensure equal opportunity policies are strictly adhered to and do not discriminate between race, religion or gender.
-We constantly review pay grades to ensure all workers are paid at least and often more than the recommended average.
-We always use Azo free and natural dyes which have the least impact on the ecosystem and the workers.
-We ensure all packaging is reused and recycled where possible to reduce waste. Our UK distribution centre reuses all cardboard boxes from imported goods. 
Our factory is a member of AEPC. Incorporated in 1978, AEPC is the official body of apparel exporters in India that provides invaluable assistance to Indian exporters as well as importers/international buyers. Our factory was also approved by Sedex in Jan 2015.