The Complete First Aid Kit

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This amazing box of healing balms contains all the natural medicinal fundamentals you need for your home healing tool box, containing 6 x 15g pots of:

First Aid Kit #10

Summer & Skin - to reduce the discomfort of sunburn, prickly heat and minor household burns.

First Aid Kit #11

Bite & Sting - to erase the discomfort of bites and stings, calm the irritation, reduce itching and promote healing

First Aid Kit #12

Calm & Tranquil - a tonic or the nervous system, to help to restore calm and invite tranquility.

First Aid Kit #15

Parched & Dry - made with herbs and remedies especially for skin that is very dry and prone to eczema and psoriasis.

First Aid Kit #21

Flex & Extend - created to help ease stiff joints and aching muscles, perfect after exercise or sports.

First Aid Kit #22

Breathe & Clear - created to ease the discomfort of colds, blocked noses, sinuses, and respiratory problems.