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REN AHA Smart Renewal Serum

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A moisturising body serum for dry or uneven skin, that gently exfoliates to restore natural radiance.
Targeting dullness and dryness, this resurfacing serum boosts skin's natural exfoliation process, increasing cell renewal and evens out pigmentation. Formulated with Pro-biotic Extract to helps streghtening the skin and Xylitol to boost hydration, it refines the skin with a glowing finish.
Do not use on irritated skin and discontinue if irritation occurs. Consult your doctor if irritation persists. Avoid contact with eyes, and if eye contact occurs rinse well with warm water.
Do not use with any other exfoliator (body scrub, exfoliating gloves and sponges, etc.).
Do not sunbath while using an AHA product. Discontinue the application at least 2 weeks before sunbathing.
Use adequate sunscreen protection while using and AHA product and for a week after you discontinue use.

Skin is hydrated, luminosity improves & skin looks smooth and feels silky.

How to use
Gently massage into clean skin, all over your body until absorbed.