Plantophile Water Plant in Glass - 'Barcelona'

Plantophile Water Plant in Glass - 'Barcelona'

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Add natural colour to your home with this beautiful live plant.

The sprout comes from the Caribbean, where they grow in large numbers. The plants can grow on other plants, therefore they are often seen as weeds. Fortunately, this will not happen as quickly in the living room. Naturally the sprout is a fast grower, but because the sprout is in the bottle, this process will decelerate. You can also plant the sprout in a pot with regular potting soil, the tube can then be used to make new sprouts.

Measurement: 4 x 20 cm

Care instructions

The sprout should remain in water with his roots. Make sure that only the roots are under the water. When sprout is too big for the bottle, you can easily trim the plant with a regular scissor. The best temperature for the sprout is between 15 and 25 degrees. Sprout’s love sunlight but they don’t need it to survive.