Mint Lip Balm

Mint Lip Balm

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Enjoy naturally luscious lips with our natural lip balms. Enriched with shea butter, sunflower oil, beeswax, jojoba and Vitamin E. Gently massage the lip balm in using the applicator and your lips will be moisturised, softened and protected.

Choose from Ginger & Lime, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Mint, Grapefruit and Blackcurrant.

We don’t use chemicals like petroleum jelly in our lip balms. Although petroleum jelly may feel superficially glossy, it leaves a layer of grease on your lips and doesn’t absorb to hydrate deep down where it really counts.

Due to the natural ingredients used to create Naturally European Lip Balms, you may find different temperatures and heat from your lips affect the consistency. If your Naturally European Lip Balm is a little runnier than other lip balms you’ve used, rest assured this texture allows the natural ingredients to work their magic and provide intense moisture to your lips. If you notice little flecks in your lip balm, this is just shea butter – a wonderfully hydrating ingredient that will melt in to reveal healthy, nourished and protected lips.