Chad Wedgie Doorstop at The Voewood The Voewood - The Voewood

Chad Wedgie Doorstop at The Voewood

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Work it Baby!

Meet Chad: If you can pull him away from the mirror, or his abs cruncher, Brad isn’t quite as vain as you’d think he is. Who are we kidding; of course he is! He’s ever the exhibitionist, and if you stick a dollar bill down his jock strap, he might just take the lot off. Stick a $20 down there, and well, who knows what might happen.
Each Wedgie is hand stamped with a Wedgie logo and comes with a character description sticker attached to the back.
Each Wedgie is hand-painted and handcrafted out of quality Alstonia wood. The paint used is a durable matte paint, and is incredibly scratch resistant - these Wedgies are made to last!
Size: (L) 21.5cm X (W) 4cm