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12 months to develop.
4 skin-loving ingredients.
600mg of KLORIS Superior CBD.
1 sublime skincare oil.

Supercharged with high performing ingredients and absolutely nothing unnecessary, KLORIS CBD Superboost Face Oil is a sophisticated way to nurture your skin's vitality and defend against ageing external stressors, preserving its natural beauty and wellbeing.

This oil is a versatile skincare staple, its primary goal is to truly illuminate the skin's beauty and protect against skin cell degeneration and wear and tear. KLORIS' quality CBD is presented here in adequate doses to be a useful antioxidant that fights ageing free radicals, helps even overall skin tone and supports the skin's barrier against everyday environmental stresses.

Available in 30ml and 10ml bottles (approx 6 and 2 months usage respectively).


When the KLORIS team sat down with our plant scientists to discuss the manifesto for creating our CBD infused skincare, the mission was clear - we wanted to defy the trend of misleading product formulations and instead create a sophisticated, uncomplicated skincare oil that lived up to the hype surrounding CBD as a powerful beauty tool.

Our primary goal was to create a versatile staple to truly illuminate the skin's beauty; presenting our quality CBD in adequate doses to be a useful antioxidant, to help with calming and supporting the overall skin tone and its barrier against everyday environmental stresses.

We are 100% natural, 100% plant based, vegan friendly, made right here in the UK and 100% transparent about our refreshingly simple ingredients list - just four hero performers, of the best quality available and present in exactly the right amounts.

No tricks, no fillers - just effective, natural, beautiful ingredients. KLORIS CBD Superboost Face Oil will compliment any skin care regimen no matter how simple or complex.


100% natural, ethically sourced skin-loving phytonutrients rigorously chosen for their results, working in perfect harmony with a potent 2% dose of KLORIS PREMIUM CBD isolate.

CBD Is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which helps fight the ageing process and nurtures the brightness, tone and texture of the skin.


• Squalane - clinically proven non-irritant, helping to protect against aging free radicals.

• Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil - bursting with Omegas 3 and 6, essential for healthy skin texture and hydration.

• Cucumber Seed Oil - Vitamin E rich, to promote cell regeneration.

Combined, these potent ingredients make a one-of-a-kind powerful skincare oil.


We care about our planet as much as we care about the quality of our results-driven products. Scientists know the key to saving the earth and our species is to work with nature - not against it. That is why KLORIS are proud partners of the World Land Trust.

For every face oil sold we fund the protection of 40m² of threatened habitats through WLT’s Buy an Acre programme which is currently supporting partners in Colombia, Mexico and Zambia. This not only saves carbon absorbing and oxygen giving forestland but also protects habitat for endangered species. Thank you for your contribution by buying this product.
World Land Trust