SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER - Personal Stylist Consultations The Voewood


Forget having a wardorbe full of clothes and "nothing to wear", a style consultation with a stylist will leave you confident in putting outfits together and give you lots of new inspiration.

Always popular, our stylist events are a relaxed, fun way of finding out what shapes, colours and styles really work for you and your lifestyle.

Renownedl stylist Claire Wacey is a regular consultant at The Voewood. Claire trained at London College of Fashion and then with celebrity & TV stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones of Channel 4's 'Look 10 Years Younger'. She also studied fashion design and is a trained pattern cutter.

Whether you want to create a capsule wardrobe, look great for a special occasion or simply want a wardrobe refresh or new look, a 1-2-1 consultation will give you lots of advice and new ideas.

Book in for a consultation and get a £5 Fashion Gift Voucher for Autumn/Winter17 womenswear and a glass of prosecco.