301 Eau De Parfum

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A unisex scent with a sensual, fresh feel, Bon Parfumeur 301 Eau De Parfum is a sandalwood, amber and patchouli base blend with jasmine, cedar, and top notes of cardamom, cumin and ylang ylang.

Presented in a simple, clear glass bottle in a small, 30ml container that would be easy to carry with you always, this perfume stands on its own, or can be mixed and matched with other scents in the Bon Parfumeur range.

Contemporary Parisian fragrance house Bon Parfumeur features an extensive collection of high quality unisex perfumes, designed especially for those who like to mix and match their scents.


Presented in a simple, clear glass bottle
Delicately blended in France
Sensual sandalwood scent with fresh notes