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Breath and Clear First Aid Kit 22

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created to ease the discomfort of colds and respiratory problems. Suitable for everyone over 3 years old


Ingredients: Shea butter Butyrospermum parkii. Beeswax Cera alba, Almond oil Prunus Amygdalus dulcis oil, Jojoba oil Simmondsia chinensis oil, Vitamin E Tocopherol acetate, essential oils: Thyme Thymus vulgaris, Cedar Cedrus atlantica, Orange oil Citrus sinensis, Homeopathic: Kali bich, Hydrastis, Pulsatilla, Kali mur

For those of us raised on cold treatments revolving around steaming over bowls of hot water and rubbing substances on the chest and dotting it on nose and pillow, this balm offers an entirely natural alternative. It can be used in exactly the same way but is full of respiratory supporting herbs and remedies.

We chose Thyme and Cedar because they are the very best herbs for the respiratory system, they are anti bacterial, anti septic and valuable expectorants helping to loosen and expel mucous. To this we add Orange oil for its ability to reduce irritation and our quartet of 'snot buster' remedies - Kali bich, Hydrastis, Pulsatilla and Kali mur all of which are used extensively in Homeopathic practice to clear mucous and phlegm.

It can be rubbed on the chest, dropped into hot water to steam or simply applied sparingly in a dot under the nose for inhaling.

Because Thyme is a powerful herb, it is better not to be used during pregnancy or for children under 3 years of age.